Sony’s sweet new console

PS4 Toaster Concept



OK, OK, so this isn’t actually coming, but this is!


PS4 Console


Sony finally showed off its new console, the PS4, and it is cool! (Even though it is just a plastic box!)  They seem the have the right mix of hardware, gaming titles and price point, $399 on Amazon, to really damage Microsoft’s Xbox Whatever launch.


I ripped out the wifi card in my PS3 so I could get some work done this year, because…

Every time you do this, future you wants to punch you in the face!


But this is coming….

Watchdogs - PS4 screenshot

(Watchdogs – Amazon)


And this…

The Order 1886

(The Order 1886 – Kotaku) which looks like Steampunk heaven.


2014’s going to rock!