Hardly Hardy (Backup your work!)

Hardly Hardy, 25/09/13
(Apologies to Thomas.)

Alongside a cup of tea,
Removed from my vanity
Of making plans to use her, stilly couches she.

A chassis, ultra thin,
Of gracefully etched Aluminium,
Does little to hide her need for restitution.

Workings aligned to sate
The needs of Windows Eight
Lie dormant, rendered now a useless paperweight.

Processors fast and great
Mimic the drive’s solid state,
Cycling dumbly, bewildered, confused, incognite.

Frowns from dim-eyed passers-by,
Commenting on my sad sighs,
Asking: “Why does that man stare at tea and cake, and cry?”

Well: while was built and struck
This sleekly formed note book,
The Immanent Will that sees all, leaving naught forsook,

Prepared a sinister mate
For her – and Windows Eight –
A shapeless void, for a time far and dissociate.

And as the notebook grew
In stature, power, and hue,
In instability grew this Sector too.

No mortal eye could see
Their shared dependency,
Or foretell the corruption of later history,

Or sign that they were bent
On futures divergent,
Or of being twin halves of one September event,

Till the Spinner of the Boot
Says “Oops!”, and renders moot
My notebook’s OS, and any of my planned pursuits.

(* completely purloined from Convergence of the Twain.)

Reinstall in process, but all work safe, carry on! :-)