Jessica, Kickstarter, and transparency

Maya Boudreau, as Jessicsa

First found out about this film project when reading Scott K Foley and Josh Rosenberg’s excellent article, “Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Want To Be In Your Movie: Lessons Learned Casting Our Microbudget Feature.” Having just read some Dov Simen’s, this struck a chord of what it’s really like to get a lo-no budget film up and running.


Then I headed over to their Kickstarter campaign, intrigued to see who they’d chosen for their leading lady. Turns out it’s Maya Boudreau, seen in the pic above, who, from the brief trailer on their page,  seems wonderfully cast to show this twenties-rites-of-passage story. She seems to have a certain Marion Cotillard quality, a wounded grace, so I’m already hoping the story ends in a positive moment of redemption!

I also liked their honesty on where the cash is going.


Film budget breakdown


Not only is this a great insight for aspiring film makers on what to budget for, it lends credibility to the project, and gives investors some surety that their donation/investment will be well spent.


They need a little more help to reach their goal, so why not head over to Maybe you’d like to have an Executive Producer film credit?